Powder preparation for instant cereals enriched with vitamins and minerals.
Not recommended for individuals with allergy / intolerance to phenylalanine and gluten and derivatives.

– Adaptable to adults and seniors nutritional necessities
– Appropriate for in between main meals (breakfast, snacks, desserts)
– Easy and quick to prepare
– High nutritional density (13 vitamins and 5 minerals)
– Customizable energetic density
– Homogenous consistency
– Easy digestibility
– Lactose-free
– Storage at room temperature

Recommended for:
– Swallowing changes / chewing difficulties;
– Involuntary weight loss;
– Loss of appetite associated with aging.

1 – Put 200 ml of cold or warm milk in a bowl.
2 – Add 30g of product (5tbsp) and stir until it totally dissolves.
3 – It is ready to consume.
Note: In cases of diarrhea, porridge should be prepared with water, tea or rice beverage.

Shelf Life
The product, in an unopened packet, keeps its properties for 12 months in a cool dry atmosphere       (T <20ºC and Rh < 60%), without significant alterations or exposure to strong light.
The contents in each packet may be used many times, as long as normal hygiene procedures are followed and the packet is correctly closed.

Store in a cool, dry place in the sealed package away from sunlight.

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