Instantaneous Thickener product of neutral flavour intended to change the texture and consistency of liquid or semi-solid food (water, juice…) in order to minimize risks associated with aspiration of foods in individuals with swallowing difficulties and/or dysphagia. Thickener plus demonstrates high stability to acid or alkaline liquids or pureed foods, as well as to temperature (heat and cooling cycles).

– Does not change the flavour or the colour of the food
– Soluble in cold or hot temperatures
– Easy to use
– Lactose-free
– Storage at room temperature

Recommended for:
– Patients with ingestion complications or dysphagia.

Shelf Life
The product, in an unopened packet, keeps its properties for 12 months in a cool dry atmosphere, without significant alterations or exposure to strong light. Once opened must be consumed in three months. After preparation, the product may be kept in the fridge for 24h.

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