Powder preparation for Gelified Water.

Fresh and tasteful fruit flavoured beverages that enable hydration. It is an easy and safe way to hydrate individuals with swallowing difficulties and/or dysphagia. Its rheological properties allow to maintain the texture inside the palate for a few minutes in its original consistency.

– Intended to the hydration on patients with dysphagia towards liquids (prevention and treatment    for dehydration)
– 3 Varieties/flavours, with and without added sugars (pineapple, orange and peach)
– Homogenous consistency
– Customizable texture (according to the dysphagia level)
– Storage at room temperature
– Soluble at room temperature

Recommended for:
– Ingestion complications or dysphagia.
– Neurological disorders.

Shelf Life
The product, in an unopened packet, keeps its properties for 12 months in a cool dry atmosphere, without significant alterations or exposure to strong light. Once opened must be consumed in three months. After preparation, the product may be kept in the fridge for 24h.

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