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Mashed Potato with Milk

Powder preparation for Mashed Potato with milk.
Mashed potato with milk made from selected potatoes, peeled, washed, sliced by dehydration process. Suitable  for the general population. Not recommended  for people with allergies / intolerances to milk and derivatives and sulfites.

1 – Bring to boil 5L of water.
2 – Add the content of the package (1Kg) to the water and homogenize until the desired consistency is obtained.
3 – It is ready to eat.
NOTE: Only add salt, butter or margarine if necessary, after obtaining the final product and never initially in the water. One sachet of 1Kg  is equivalent to 5Kg of prepared product, that is to say about  30 doses of 200g.

Servings per container: 30 doses of 200g approx.

Shelf Life
The product, in an unopened packet, keeps its properties for 12 months in a cool dry atmosphere
(T <20ºC and RH <60%), without significant alterations or exposure to strong light.

Store in a cool, dry place in a closed container away from sunlight. Conditioning in protective atmosphere.

*The image presented are merely illustrative and promotional. The final image of the product may not match.


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