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Vegetable Soup Base

Vegetable Soup Base is obtained from excellence ingredients (potato, pumpkin, carrots, onion, and beet) which are washed, peeled, cut and dried.

The mix for vegetable soup shall be used as if working with fresh vegetables, considering a proportion of 1:10. The bowling time is the same as fresh vegetables.
It is recommended the addition of 1 Kg of powder preparation to 12-15L of water according to the desired texture. Bring to boil until desired consistency is obtained.
NOTE: Fresh or frozen ingredients might be added in order to obtain diversified soups.

Servings per container: 48 doses of 250 ml approx.

Shelf Life
The product, in an unopened packet, keeps its properties for 12 months in a cool dry atmosphere
(T <20ºC and RH <60%), without significant alterations or exposure to strong light.
The product of each bag can be used several times, when the usual rules hygiene are fulfilled and the bag is properly closed.

Store in a cool, dry place in sealed package away from sunlight.

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