The future is packed with flavour

Made from dehydrated or freeze-dried ingredients and vacuum-packed to preserve all the flavour and nutritional value.

Natural ingredients

Our products are made from a thorough selection of fresh and natural ingredients free of GMOs.

Absolutely futurelicious

Check out our range of delicious, easy-prep desserts including mousses, puddings and gelatines.

Eat well

Healthy and balanced diet

The Future Foods products offer known and constant nutritional composition, and contribute to a balanced and diverse diet.
Save time

Quick & easy to prepare

Good healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. Prepare quick, easy and super tasty meals and snacks using our products.

Best Selling Products

Mashed Potato

17.50 + VAT

Potato Soup Base

29.27 + VAT

Mashed Potato with Milk

47.86 + VAT

Tomato Powder

43.28 + VAT

Potato Flakes

12.16 + VAT


10.14 + VAT

Sugar Free Gelatine

18.08 + VAT

Chopped Parsley

6.36 + VAT


11.6416.48 + VAT

Custard Pudding

8.20 + VAT
Special diets

Natural Adapted Food - NAF

NAF products are specifically designed for people unable to eat in a traditional way (with chewing and swallowing difficulties):
  • Adaptable textures with traditional food flavours
  • Constant nutritional composition
  • Appropriate as sole source of nourishment
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